Share the Path – Jan 2013
Pedestrian and Bike Path

Share the Path – Jan 2013

In January 2013 the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch, Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council, Friends of the Los Angeles River and the LA County Bicycle Coalition sponsored an event along the Los Angeles Pedestrian Bike Path. This event titled ‘Share the Path’ was an opportunity for the community to come together and educate themselves on proper path etiquette. Read More>>> Continue reading

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LA River Pedestrian/Bike Path Meeting tomorrow (Wed. 17, 2012).

10/16/12 Dear Neighbors and Area Stakeholders: Please attend LA River Pedestrian/Bike Path Meeting tomorrow (Wed. 17, 2012). Location: 70’s (2770 Newell St.)/Blake Ave. Time:      7 PM We will plan the education/information outreach on the LA-River Path to promote the “shared use of the path” to combat the continued incidents involving the cycling community and EV … Continue reading

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Los Angeles River Pedestrian and Bike Path Update

Word came down today from Council President Garcetti’s office that the LA River Pedestrian/Bike path light repairs are a priority and will be reinstated ASAP. Once reconditioned, EV residents are encouraged to stay vigilant for any strange/suspicious activity and dial 911 (police), if necessary. We continue to received reports of collision incidents on the Pedestrian/Bike … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2011 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 6/8/2011   Monthly Announcements Website The wordpress website was announced as well as the facebook page.  Everyone is encouraged to post comments on the site and participate in it’s development. Executive Committee The EVNW is seeing members for an executive committee that would meet regularly and help define and give direction to the Neighborhood Watch … Continue reading