Dorris Place School has been experiencing an increase in vandalism


Dear Neighbor:

Dorris Place School has been experiencing an increase in vandalism and crime on the campus over the last few weeks.  Most of the damage is being done in the cafeteria area behind the homes on this street.  Last evening the vandals attempted to break into the cafeteria and in the process destroyed a computer and the metal windows that lead into the cafeteria.  We need your help with solving this serious problem.
If you should hear any skateboarding or the sound of young adults congregating on the campus on the weekends or after 4:30 p.m. (until August 9th and after 6:00 p.m. during the school year), please immediately call school police at (213) 625-6631 to report the suspicious activity.   No employee will be on the campus during those non-working hours, so any disturbance at all during those times means that unauthorized people are on the campus.
I have attached my card to this letter and ask that you call me if you have any information to impart about this situation. I would very much appreciate your assistance with this matter.  By helping the school you will also be contributing to the safety of the entire community.
Yours gratefully,

Susan Grant Schmidt
Dorris Place Elementary School