EVRNC Environment and Land Use Committee Special Meeting

EVRNC Environment and Land Use Committee Special Meeting

The Environment and Land Use Committee of EVRNC would like to invite community members, designers/architects and elected official representatives to a land-use and zoning special meeting to help develop a clear vision for the future of Elysian Valley this Saturday, January 11th at 10 AM at RAC Studio (3048 North Coolidge Ave.)

In response to significant community concerns about rapid gains in land values and ongoing pressure for large scale development the Land-Use Committee of EVRNC recently initiated a review of our Q conditions and other applicable ordinances to ensure a controlled and appropriate future for Elysian Valley. The Environment and Land Use Committee will provide recommendations to the EVRNC, Council office and Planning Department as to what we want to preserve, change and add to our neighborhood urban fabric.  This meeting is an opportunity for local stakeholders to register concerns and ideas by participating in the discussion.

RAC will be have a pop-coffee shop open in the courtyard so please join us for a cup of coffee and a good conversation about the future of Elysian Valley.

Steve Appleton & Astrid Diehl

Co-Chairs of the Environment and Land Use Committee of the Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council