Meeting Minutes

EVNW Meeting Minutes – 8/10/2011

  • Neighborhood Crime Report
  • President Council Eric Garcetti Report
    • Phase 3 lighting to be completed in approx. 6 months
    • The city is not maintaining public street trees. Residences may trim with a permit.
    • Report street lamps that are out to Alejandra of Eric G. office and they will be repaired within 48 hours. (email evnw.90039@gmail and we will follow up for you)
  • LA River Crime (including bike/pedestrian safety & lights)
    • Rewiring of the LA River bike path is pending $40 to 50k funds becoming available
    • Pedestrian and Bike Path signage coming soon.
    • Report motorized vehicles on the pedestrian/ bike path to 911
  • Neighborhood Watch Signs, Website & Email
    • New signs are coming soon
    • sign up for email notification for news on the evnw website
    • email evnw at
  • The New Gang Unit (213) 847-1289
  • Neighborhood Watch Enrollment
  • Elysian Valley’s Community Block Party (8/20/11)
  • The Great Graffiti Paint-Off Day (8/27/11)
  • EV Frogtown Artwalk (Sept. 24, 2011)